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WA Building Surveyors was established in 2011 after the adoption of the new Building Act in Western Australia enabling builders, developers, designers and owners of properties a choice in Private or Local Government Building Certifications.

Our highly qualified and efficient staff have many years of experience working in the building industry from both Private and Government Sectors and are up-to-date with current Australian Building Code Legislation and Standards. This gives us a great opportunity to offer valuable, precise and exceptional value for money services for our demanding and fast growing building industry.

Our main priority is to fast-track your building approvals but not compromising quality or safety or your development needs.

residential and commercial certification inspection services

WA Building Surveyors provide certification and inspection services for all your residential and commercial needs
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Our Specialities

  • we can fast track and improve building approval times

    Reducing Approval Time
    Fast track Building Approval times

  • our team works hard to Eliminate compliance issues

    Saving Money
    Eliminate costly compliance issues

  • wa building surveyors can get your application through council quickly

    Cutting Council Red Tape
    We strive to get your application through the Council Building Approval system without disappointment and restrictions

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